Scottish Field - Not Your Grandfather's Scotland

The national tourism organisation has teamed up with travel website, Matador Network and US influencer Wade Holland to encourage visitors with Scottish heritage – but little interest in conducting ancestral research through traditional routes – to visit Scotland and feel that ancestral connection through their experiences. The new social media video entitled Not Your Grandfather’s Scotland, hosted by self-styled ‘wild travel dude’ Holland, showcases a modern and innovative Scotland to the millennial market in the US.

VESTIGO - Episode 51: Wade Holland- Adventure Personality


Wade Holland is an adventure personality and video producer. He works with small to large size brands to bring them to life through engaging original video content and through an unmatched energy. As a personality, he hosts a variety of programs from digital series, to brand feature videos, as well as national corporate events. His specialty is original adventure lifestyle content. With a background in competitive adventure sports, he knows this world well and creates entertaining first-person perspective video that takes the viewer on an exciting journey through his adventures.

On this episode, we chat with Wade on how his childhood shaped his career, he tells the story of how he built a brand around 500 days of adventure and shares stories of his favorite adventures.