Not your grandfather's Scotland

When wildman Wade Holland went back to the home of his ancestors in Scotland, his mission was to experience what the land of his great-great-great grandfather had to offer... Enter wakeboarding at Foxlake Dundee, where Wade overcame the wintry waters of the River Tay in his pink swimsuit.


Dadventures: The origin story

Skier, wakeboarder, and all around adventure madman Wade Holland learned from the best, his dad. So when it came time for Wade’s latest trek through the wild West, he decided to take his dad up on a little old school versus new school excursion they called Dadventures.


72 Hours

Wade and two strangers competed against two other teams to survive the harsh elements of the Fijian jungle and escape the island while finding a briefcase of cash for $100K. Wade helped lead his team out of the jungle and win the show and the briefcase of cash. Here is a snippet of the show.



Seagram's 7 wanted their whiskey to be synonymous with the American dive bar culture. So the best way to make this connection was to highlight unique dive bars all across America. Seagrams 7's agency, The Amplify Agency, partnered with us to create original content around these experiences. We traveled across the Rocky Mountain West to explore some of the most hidden and off the map dive bars that exist. We found some unreal bars in some incredible locations (definitely not on google maps) all through Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. This content was distributed through our socials as well as promotion content for Seagram's 7. This was all ramped up to push their first ever National Dive bar Day on 7/7. #NDBD


Brand Collaboration

- Video promoted on IG posts / stories / IGTV

- Over 50,000 Views

- Top performing engagement


Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.45.19 PM.png

Aftershokz wanted to create a series of short videos focused for Instagram to communicate their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign theme of giving good vibes through the holiday spirit of giving back. #GIVEGOODVIBES. Instead of just communicating their holiday deals in a straightforward fashion (because that’s too boring), we spiced it up with some adventure and humor. The headphones are strongly connected to the active sports community so we created a sereis of 1:00 videos that showcased an unlikely “training routine” in preparation for ski season. This included activities such as razor scootering, gravy baths, and of course some killer tunes! This was all pushed through @WadeHolland instagram to leverage a strong distribution channel. Average campaign engagement was 10.5%.

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Montucky Cold Snack is all about flavor. Their audience is the fun, lighthearted outdoor focused audience…which aligns directly to Wade Holland’s brand. Montucky and Wade Holland partnered on an adventure video and instagram takeover showcasing the highly dangerous (and extremely ridiculous) sport of Extreme Downhill Rollerblading. Wade took rollerblades to the top of a 14,000 ft peak and descended in cold snack fashion. It is still debated if this was the first 14,000 foot descent on rollerblades.



Cheyenne, Wyoming is only just over an hour north of Denver, yet so few Denverites see it as a travel destination. We partnered with Visit Wyoming to highlight Frontier Days, a spectacle event of Cheyenne..This is not only one of the biggest events in Wyoming, but the largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration in the world. We went behind the scenes at Frontier Days to capture bull riders, bucking broncos, and native dancers all in an effort to get outsiders of authentic western culture, interested in one of America's most colorful heritage. The main deliverables were content focused on Instagram, especuially video for IGTV. 




In collaboration with Titos Vodka and 408 Productions, we held our own real life Mario Kart race in Downtown Denver.

The event was set up with a course taking contestants through lower downtown Denver and stopping at numerous checkpoints throughout the race. The checkpoints were featured bars and restaurants which each created their own custom challenge themed around Mario Kart (Yoshi's bobbing for apples, Donkey Kong food challenge, Princess's fire pole climb). 

Of course this kind of content was perfect for social media and highly shareable across multiple platforms. We ended the event with a giant Mario Kart party on the finish line! 

The National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association partnered with us to create a plethora of entertaining video content around their yearly summit. These were short comical videos highlighting the importance of digital video in the food space.  Wade emceed the 3-day summit while interlacing the event with these videos. Of course we had fun with this such as Wade skateboarding onto the stage!  

Retallack Ski Lodge

Retallack is a legendary cat skiing operation right outside of Nelson, British Columbia. The skiing here is the kind skiers only dream of. We worked with the lodge to capture 5 days of life changing skiing. Seriously. The goal was to create social content to entice others outside the professional skiing realm to head north and come experience it for themselves. 

Pit Viper Sunglasses 

Pit Viper's motto is to Demand Respect and Authority. So we took their shades out on adventures that defined boldness and demanded respect authority in maybe some more unconventional ways. The colorfulness and vibrancy of their shades aligned well with our bright charisma and personality. 


LongJohns Longboards

We partnered with LJLB to create a brand video, which was used for short social videos to target longboard users on facebook and instagram. Through social engagement and a content strategy, LJLB has been able to leverage this content as a sales tool and grow its online brand. 



Crush Groovin 

 Crush Groovin is a lifestyle adventure brand. They believe in making every moment one to remember. Their motto is causally extreme.  We partnered with the brand to create adventurous lifestyle content with the product that embodied this ethos. Anything from sledding the highest Sand Dune in all of North America to rollerblading through a pie gauntlet, we helped bring causally extreme to light! 

Meier Skis

Ski Joring is a one-of-a-kind sport. A fast horse pulls a fast skier down the main street of an old western Colorado mining town with a packed downtown audience hootin and hollerin. In partnership with Meier Skis we not only featured a story on this wild west sport, but Wade competed in the race.  Meier Skis is a local hand crafted Colorado skis manufacturer. Through live video, photo, and short form social video, we helped garnish online numbers for Meier and provided them with multiple content marketing assets.