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Charlotte & Co Real Estate needed a way to differentiate the brand amongst a sea of Bozeman/Big Sky realtors. There are around 1,800 real estate agents in the Bozeman area, so it's no wonder how challenging it can be to stand out in an overwhelming crowd. We produced a premium brand video that acted as a strong marketing asset. It not only effectively communicated the brand voice but also provided a level of visibility that help set the brand above the noisy crowd.  We then created a scrolling video reel to live on the website and catch viewers attention while exploring Charlotte & Co Real Estate. Visual media has been a key component to the brand's marketing efforts and we provided the video resource to further elevate Charlotte & Co Real Estate.


The National Restaurant Association hosts a yearly summit that brings leaders together in the food industry to discuss trends and innovations in the digital space. This is the Restaurant Innovation Summit. The restaurant industry has seen dramatic changes in the digital marketing space, so in 2016 they wanted to approach the rapidly evolving space with a fresh new energy. Therefore the National Restaurant Association partnered with Wade Holland to emcee the 3-day summit and bring his expertise in social video creation to develop content that aided the summit in its overall production quality.  Each day consisted of various digital marketing panels and workshops and Wade Holland assisted the summit’s narrative through his hosting expertise paired with engaging video content.


Longjohns Longboard needed a content strategy for reaching possible customers in the social media space and for generating new leads. Wade Holland and his team created a brand video, which was used for short social videos to target longboard users on facebook and instagram. The brand is a proud Colorado company and Wade Holland understood the untapped potential to target the greater Colorado active community.  Through social engagement and a content strategy, Longjohns Longboard has been able to leverage online media as a sales tool and grow its reach.


LuvByrd, a dating app for the outdoor enthusiast, created a unique event for singles to meet on the ski hill: Chair Lift Speed Dating. A line of single men and a line of single women get on the lift together and see if magic can happen! They needed an energy around the event to build excitement and allow the event to flow smoothly.  LuvByrd hired Wade Holland to come up to host the event, as well as create video to highlight the unique nature of event. Wade Holland jumped on the lift with the daters to interview them about their dates and spice things up a bit.


The Chain Game is an online series that interviews celebrity musicians and puts them in hilarious awkward situations through a game show style gauntlet. Each celebrity guest is told they are doing a standard interview, when they quickly realize they are instead on a ridiculously wild game show. Each question is highly researched and pulled from the guests' personal experiences throughout their history. Hours of online research, close friends and family members of each celebrity are contacted, all to get the juiciest information possible. Then the question is turned into a hilarious game taking the celebrity through rings and hurdles of absurdity. Once the artist connects the dots, beautifully rare ah-ha moments are achieved. The show brings out all kinds of emotion, but mainly laughter. Most importantly, the series connects the larger music community.


In collaboration with Rooster Magazine, we held our own real life Mario Kart event in Downtown Denver. We saw this as a unique opportunity to connect local and national brands with a highly engaged young adult urban audience. With summer approaching, downtown Denver bars and restaurants eagerly wanted to bring in foot traffic through their doors. The national beer and liquor market is also a highly competitive landscape fighting to gain inches in marketshare. There was a clear need to connect these groups with the young adult audience and more importnatly convert engagement to product sales.

Through research and polls we discovered Mario Kart themed content performed the best out of themed events. We then took it one step further and decided to truly bring it to life. We ran a contest to choose four lucky winners to be character in a real life themed Mario Kart event.  Each character was teamed up with a driver from the local cart transportation company, Colorado Cruisers. This provided a unique advertising opportunity for Colorado Cruisers as well. 

The event was set up with a course taking contestants through lower downtown Denver and stopping at numerous checkpoints throughout the race. The checkpoints were featured bars and restaurants which each featured their own custom challenge themed around Mario Kart (Yoshi's bobbing for apples, Donkey Kong food challenge, Princess's climb). This pulled in local bars and restaurants into the event in an original and authentic way while bringing in foot traffic. 

This was so effective because it tied in multiple platforms for local and national marketing partnerships: event, social, video, email, and print.

We started with the event using social, content, and print to generate buzz and interest to register on a microsite. This allowed us to capture leads to leverage email campaigns to promote the event as well as give participating sponsors another platform for their brand.  We then created custom video in collaboration with participating sponsors to generate buzz for the event while highlighting their brand story and connecting them as fundamental pieces to the event. The event itself lended an incredible opportunity for custom and highly shareable content. Rooster Magazine was a great distribution partner to channel the digital content as well and offer a print platform for all brands involved. We secured partnerships with Tito's Vodka as well as Breckenridge Brewery that provided them original branded content. They then used this as a means to track product purchases through a campaign tied into the Mario Kart event. 


In an effort to showcase some of the most tucked away adventures in Colorado, Wade Holland teamed up with social media marketing maven, Ryan Park. They partnered to create a 500-day video series all about local Colorado experiences. Each day they created a unique video about interesting local people, places, and adventures within the state (alligator farm, absurd food eating challenges, rapping with Steve-O, spiritual hot springs, white water rafting, and many off the beaten path experiences). The objective was to create a volume of content (a video a day for 500 days) with high engagement through targeted social marketing. The result was an enormous increase in sales for local partnered brands. The Adventurous 500 saw at least a 200% lift in social engagement for each partner brand on their sponsored video.



Wade Holland partnered with Boulder’s Rooster Magazine to create a series that tied in local music, sports, and food all in one - the ultimate LOCAL show. These cross sections of culture rarely intersect so they knew this was a special opportunity to cross promote demographics and strengthen the overall local Denver culture. It gave them an opportunity to showcase the color and personality of Denver’s emerging food, music, and sports scenes. The concept was: A local celerity musician goes head to head against a local celebrity athlete in an eating challenge at a historic Denver eatery. For the opening episode, they had UFC fighter, Brandon Thatch, face off against Hip Hop emcee, H*Wood, at Denver’s oldest restaurant, The Buckhorn Exchange. The food: Rocky Mountain Oysters and Yak.  First person to finish the plate, wins.  This was The Feast.


Ski Joring is a one-of-a-kind sport. A fast horse pulls a fast skier down the main street of an old western Colorado mining town with a packed downtown audience hootin and hollerin. Wade Holland saw this as a fantastic opportunity to highlight a unique sport with a passionate community. More importantly this was a huge opportunity for brands to obtain original content and partner with Wade Holland to present their own story in a fresh light.  Wade Holland partnered with Meier Skis and Evergreen Brewery Company to bring together a hyper localized “hand crafted” feature. Local craft beer, local hand crafted skis, in an authentic Colorado mining town. Through live video, photo, and short form social video marketing, Wade Holland helped increase local engagement for partnering brands.